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Carlos Gary Benifield is the youngest son of 11 children.  His father had 3 children and his mother had 8.  He experienced the adversity that many of our "at-risk" youth witness: abuse, crime, and incarcerated family members who he looked up to.  He joined the "Insane Vice Lords" at a young age.  He was not a stranger to gang violence as a youth. He adamantly states that being raised in a gang in totally differenct than being a part of a gang.

Carlos moved from Chicago to Atlanta, because he didn't want to keep gang banging ad selling drugs, ad he didn't want to be a statistic that would lead to hopelessness, helplessness or worse - death.

He has a beautiful wife and two great children. They were his inspiration to work with the youth. Carlos is reminded of how a young man like himself made mistakes in the streets of Chicago, Illinois. Carlos has committed his life to hlping at-risk youth make better choices in life.  What wants to help the youth stay from gangs and judicial court system.

While working for Egress Consultants, Carlos was given the opportunity to work hands on with youth.  This opportunity opened the door and expanded the the vison for him to start his own mentoring program callled CUZO'S.

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