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What we do... 

Cuzo's was organized to engage in a broad range of strategies that promote growth, development and the overall well being in youth primarily of males between 5-17 years of age, their families and their communities. Additionally, we enage in activities which are necessary, suitable or convenient for the accomplishment of training youth to become successful and productive citizens.


Our program offerings will give young men  positive role models, community involvement, interactive teachers and mentors, open communication, love, and a nurturing environment.

Today, "Life skills" training needs goes beyond cooking, wood shop or banking. Our youth are faced with concerns of gang violence, bullying, low self-esteem, etc. in record breaking numbers compared to times of old. We have narrowed areas to focus on. These area will enable youth to develop and mature to make wise decisions for their life.


Ultimately, we aspire to give those participating and partnering with CUZO’s a sense of wholeness and a sense of belonging. To that end, we are sure to make a strong connection through the powerful source of love, which is God and Family through love.


Education is the cornerstone for participants. Everyone is encouraged and expected to pursue academic success. Tutoring is offered in addtion to Computer and Basic Skills Classes.  Basic Skills classes include financial literacy and life planning which are offered to enhance their ability to achieve academic excellence, prepared to meet the real world.



Unfortunately, parenting does not come with a training manual. Perenting isn't always easy. Families need  help too! It is possible for one or more members of the family of a youth to take part in the progression of problems that may arise. While no one can say for sure that living with a youth can have affects on the family, we do know that it can be very challenging.  It’s an experience that can effect the entire family even after the youth  is absent from their surroundings.  Some family members may become dependent, distant or dispondent themselves. It is our mission to provide  support and restore hope.

All hands on deck!!



Childen may join a gang for several reasons. Children who experience a lot of rejection or exposure to abusive situations may seek a gang for assimilation and affirmation. Learn first hand from an ex-gang member's life experience before, during and after gang involvement. Receive the support, training, and advice that may save a life.



Spiritual counseling and Life Groups provide a deeper level of interaction that centers around one's faith in a higher being. For some, thier spiritual connection helps them keep things within a proper persective for them to be motivated and hopeful for their families well-beinging.  To that end, we are sure to make a strong connection through the powerful source of love, which is God and Family through love.

Nutrition & Health Classes ​

No child should go hungry or lack proper nutrition whether because of a lack of food or because of patterns of eating that lead to inadequate intake of nutrients. Nutritional and Health Assessment Classes will help participants to make better food selections. Addionally, Cuzo's will provide physical activities to aid in overall health wellness.

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