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Cuzo's is designed to support youth and their families. We offer a variety of services and service opportunites where everyone outside and inside of the youth participant's life can take an active role in making a difference in a precious life. Call today to  get a list of our immediate and/or ongoing needs. Sponsor a child today!



We all know and believe it takes a village to raise a child. Often times we want to do more but are limited in one way or another. Most people will say that lack of opporuntities that match their interest, time or financial capacity to get involved prohibits them from volunteering. Rarely, will people just not want to do something that will impact the lives of youth. In addition to plugging in to one of  our projects or our core program activities, we offer you the opportunities to help develop ways people like you can give back through our "Ask what I can do?" campaign. (Call for more information.) Changing the world begin when we add value to one life at a time. 


We have so much we want to do to help our children become successful. We believe that whatever we start we must put our very best effort in and stay commited to finish what we start. With this principle in mind, sponsoring a project will help Cuzo's to fully implement each project with exellence ensuring that each participant gets the full experience and exposure to finishing their program strong. 



Each and every donation, no matter the size, makes a significant impact in the lives of children. Your donation is appreciated and will not go unnoticed. Your donations are tax deductible


Our youth benefit from a variety of wrap around services and tabgible support. We seek to provide assistance to help students have experiences they might not have otherwise been afforded to experience. While we do have events and regular opportunites planned for our participants, Cuzo's will endeavor to form a true partnership. We will work closely with each of our partners to tailor programs that match their charitable interests and core business needs.

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